Janitorial and

Alhajry Overseas provides a clean and safe environment to help improve productivity, make your job easier and keep your employees healthy. Being clean not only looks good, it is part of the bigger picture of presenting a professional image.

MEP Works

Alhajry Overseas MEP services provide sustainable solutions for projects across industries such as Hospitals, Commercials Buildings, Industrial and others. We provide MEP/HVAC & BIM services of impeccable quality while strictly adhering to the international industrial standards set by ASHRAE, SMACNA, NFPA and IEEE.IPC, ASHRAE, NFPA. We follow Client/industry specific Drafting standards to ensure flexible solutions for the customers and assure efficient deliveries.


Trade services including however not limited to the following: painting, carpentry, locksmith, electrical and plumbing repairs, tiling, carpet laying, door repairs and all handyman services.

and Laundry

Alhajry Overseas offers complete catering and laundry services to residential, industrial, and commercial entities. Remote accommodation camps and rigs are of our specialty in delivering such services.


Our specialist Façade cleaners hold the necessary IPAF qualifications & are trained to work at high levels on cherry pickers, sky climbers, scissor lifts & scaffolding towers. Their training also includes the safe use of industrial & cladding cleaning equipment, hand held buffers, super-heated steam cleaners & commercial pressure washers.

Sanitation, Gardening
and Pest Control

Alhajry Overseas provides sanitation programs to your facility essential to pest management. These programs will impact rodent prevention inside your facility, as well as how we deal with garbage, storage facilities, and other equipment. We offer landscaping, irrigation and water management including indoor landscaping for modern buildings with garden rooftops and courtyards.

and Hospitality

Alhajry Overseas housing and Hospitality team is committed in providing high quality services which enhance the living and the comfort standards of the staff, residents and visitors. The team is skilled in the hospitality etiquette and tidiness.

Recreation and
Event Management

From swimming, fitness, health & wellness, creative, performing, language & culinary arts, science & technology, to summer day camps, Alhajry Overseas recreation services strive to provide accessible and engaging leisure activities that make it easy for individuals of all ages and abilities to incorporate physical activity into their daily life.

and Help desk

Alhajry Overseas provides ON-THE-GO customer support by e-mail, phone, portal, and social media. We provide one view of customer interaction irrespective of the communication mode they chose.


Alhajry Overseas team set up accommodation camps for contractors working on rigs and remote areas. The scope includes setting up the cabins, install all electrical and mechanical equipment, utilities, dining, recreation then operating and maintaining the park.